itero 3d scanningGone are the days of messy impressions and drooling out of the side of your mouth while you wait for someone to remove the putty mold. Yes, 3D scans are here.

In the world of orthodontics, models play an important role. Thankfully, 3D scanning replaces the need for physical molds of your teeth. That way, orthodontists can plan your treatment and make plan adjustments as you progress digitally.

There are a lot of reasons why 3D scanning makes orthodontist offices more efficient and comfortable for patients.

Let’s go into why we decided to make the switch!

What Is 3D Digital Scanning?

Scanners capture three-dimensional dental images in mere minutes. With these scans, dentists and orthodontists get a full picture of the patient’s mouth.

The 3D scans are much more accurate and detailed than their two-dimensional predecessors.

iTero 3D Scanner

The most popular 3D scanner, which is also the one our office uses, makes scanning easy for technicians and patients. The scanner uses a small wand to get pictures of hard-to-reach places like back molars.

This scanner also features a built-in screen that shows real-time scan images. That way, the scan technician can make sure the images they capture are right the first time.

Along with easy 3D scanning, the iTero scanner also works along with offices’ existing software. Each scan saves in an easy-to-share digital file.

Offices can keep patient records digitally and even share patient scans with other dental practices if the need arises.

Benefits of 3D Scanning

There are a lot of reasons why dental offices are switching to 3D scans. Time and energy are one big factor. Patients who experience 3D scanning also find that it’s much preferred to traditional molds.

Also, dentists and orthodontists can keep digital records of patient scans. Digital records are easy to share with other dental offices for other treatments too.

No Radiation

When you’re undergoing ortho treatment with metal braces or Invisalign, you expect to receive regular scans. Understandably, people express concern over radiation exposure.

With 3D scanning, there’s no radiation involved. Even though 3D scanning doesn’t replace x-rays, it’s a great supplement scan that doesn’t add to radiation exposure.

No Putty (No Gagging!)

Putty is not only messy, it’s uncomfortable. Often, patients have to sit with putty in their mouth for over 10 minutes. All the while, they’re trying not to gag or droll down their face.

Orthodontists used to use molds to get a full picture of patients’ mouths. But now 3D scanning makes it so doctors can get the full picture in just a few minutes without putting any foul-tasting putty in anyone’s mouth.

Fast and Easy

In just a few minutes, 3D scanners provide comprehensive dental images. People who undergo a lot of dental work, whether for cosmetic or health reasons, appreciate that half their office time isn’t spent with x-rays or molds.

If a scan error does occur, it’s a much less invasive process to redo a 3D scan. 3D scanning machines like the iTero Scanner also have predictive features so you and your dentist can plan treatment easier than ever.

More Image Detail

Dentists and orthodontists have known for a long time that putty molds aren’t the best solution. There is a lot of room for error with physical molds, and they don’t provide the most accurate depiction of a person’s teeth.

Three-dimensional scans offer a completely accurate image. These scans are more accurate than a typical x-ray because they show muscles, nerves, infections, and more.

There’s no other scanning or molding method that shows so much detail.

See Your Progress and Predict Results

With 3D scanning, orthodontists and dentists can show you their prediction for your teeth after treatment, so you can also have a say in how your smile turns out too. Then, they can also easily track your progress through 3D scans.

No matter what, you can see the real-life progress made on your smile.

Get the Best Care With the Latest Technology

Medical care is always evolving, and that includes dental care. Dental offices need to incorporate the newest technology for their patients. We value the benefits that the latest technology brings.

Not only is 3D scanning good for traditional metal braces treatment. It’s also good for Invisalign treatment and other dental procedures.

Invisalign & Spark Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are a popular option for teenagers and adults. They offer a discreet option to align teeth. Orthodontists use 3D scanning to show how your treatment plan works.

That way, you’ll be able to preview every step of the process before committing to new aligners.

Orthodontist offices don’t have a way of making aligners in-house. Instead, they send off molds to outside companies who then create the aligners for each patient.

By using 3D scanners, offices can send off patient scans to manufacturers and receive the aligners much faster. That makes patients’ treatment even shorter.

Other Dental Work

Orthodontists aren’t the only ones who use dental 3D scans. Other cosmetic work also uses 3D scanning. Dentists can use 3D scans to create veneers, implants, dentures, crowns, and more.

Restorative dental work is a time-consuming and expensive process. But with 3D scanners, it’s made easier and quicker.

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